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OPTOGATE MODEL PB-07 ( mounts onto microphone stand)


Optogate Model: PB-07
The PB-07 will require a short xlr cable not included.
***This model mounts onto a microphone stand*** not the back of the microphone like the PB-05M
This does include the clip to mount onto a microphone stand.
Functionally it will switch on the microphone if someone is in range of proximity’s sensor located on the front face of this device.
A red status LED indicates if the microphone is switched on. Microphone will automatically mute when performer is a absent from range of device.


OPTOGATE (PB-07)After taking into account our customers suggestions we developed the PB-07. This model will mount onto the microphone stand. 
On this model the sensor is on the front flat side and will face the performers body instead of their face like the PB-05M

Like the other models the PB-07 will switch on the microphone if someone is in front of the mic. A red status LED indicates if the microphone is switched on.

The PB-07 will switch off the microphone if nobody is in front of the mic. The distance can be adjusted between 15cm and 120cm with the help of Trim Pot. On the back is a 4mm threaded hole for the possibility to mount a clip on the PB-07. In this case the PB-07 can be installed on a mic stand and will disappear behind of the stand. The PB-07 can be connected to a gooseneck microphone as well. The PB-07 works with 48 Volt phantom power and the phantom power passes on the microphone.

Optogates are the best and easiest solution for the most common problems in live applications. It eliminates unwanted background noise of other instruments into unused microphones on stage. So, the clarity of the mix and the dynamics will be increased due to less phase cancellation and background noise. It reduces the possibility of feedback from unused mics. Just plug & Play…

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Dimensions: PB-07: 68mm length x 35mm height x 21mm width
Connectors: XLR 3-pin (1 = gnd, 2 = plus, 3 = minus)
Case construction: Aircraft-aluminium, black galvanizedl
Distance Adjustable between 15 – 120 cm (depending of the type of reflection surface)
Angle: + / – 10 °
Switching noise: Immeasurable
Frequency responses: 0 Hz – 30kHz, – 3 dB at 150 Ohm mic impedance
Signal noise ratio: -114 dB / -122 dB, Mic on / off, 150 Ohm Mic.
Distortion: < 0,05 % at 100mV
Delaytime mic on: < 0,2 Sec
Delaytime mic off: ca. 1 Sec
Attenuation “mic on”: 0 dB
Attenuation “mic off”: 42 dB at 150 Ohm micimpedanz
Usuable mic. types: All type of dynamic – and phantom powered mics. up to 10 mA current consumption
Maximum input level: 3 dB (1,1V)
Operating temperature: 0 – 55 Grad Celsius
Background light range: 0 – 20000 Lux daylight und 0 – 12000 Lux electric bulblight
Distance measurement: Active infrared reflection principle with 3 bit code
Power: 24-48 V Phantompower (passes phantompower to the microphone)
Current consumption: ca. 3.7 mA


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