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OPTOGATE MODEL PB-05D (Auto Audio-Ducking Switch)


Item #: PB-05D Ducking
– 16 dB attenuation, allowing minimum amounts of ambient bleed.
– Can be used on all type of dynamic – and phantom powered mics up to 10 mA current consumption
– XLR 3-pin connector (1 = gnd, 2 = plus, 3 = minus)


In certain live performance situations muting the mics,  like what the PB-05M does is not necessary or wanted. 

We listened to our customers and now offer the :

OPTOGATE MODEL PB-05D (Auto Audio-Ducking Microphone Switch)

You still get all the benefits of reduced Noise Bleed & Better Sound Clarity with this XLR microphone accessory.

The clarity of your mix and the dynamics (both on stage and in the audience) will be dramatically increased due to reduced phase cancellation and reduced unwanted background noise.

OPTOGATE (PB-05D) is an automatic microphone Audio Ducking switch/ gate which is based on the latest infrared optical technology.

No extra mounts or cables required.
Pops right into the bottom of the microphone through XLR connection.
Adjust the sensor to focus on musicians vocal technique.

Mic will activate when musician is in range of sensor.

Mic will automatically Duck the audio About -16db when Musician is out of range.

The useable headroom of your monitors and FOH reinforcement amps will be greatly increased. You will also reduce the possibility of feedback from unused mics and increase your gain feedback.

Its “Mic ON; Mic LOW

The OPTOGATE (PB-05D) is an automatic microphone gate / switch unit which is based on the latest optical technology. It is The OPTOGATEONLINE.COM is plugged between microphone and cable and is equipped with an infrared sensor. The OPTOGATEONLINE.COM senses if someone is in front of the microphone and will switch on the microphone. The distance can be adjusted via a trim pot from approximately 6 to 48 inches. The microphone will be switched off automatically if nobody is in front of it. A red status LED indicates if the microphone is switched on. The OPTOTGATE works with 24 – 48 Volt phantom power. The phantom power passes to the microphone so that you can use a condenser or dynamic microphone. A small push button on the top allows the user to toggle between “Mic On Always/Bypass Mode” and “Optogate Enabled/Gating enabled”. Turning phantom power off to the mic bypasses the OPTOGATEONLINE.COM and allows the mic signal to pass through the unpowered unit.

The OPTOGATE is ideal for lead and backing vocal mics, acoustical instruments and talk back mics. The OPTOGATE is the best and easiest solution for the most common problems in live applications. It eliminates unwanted background noise of other instruments into unused microphones on stage.

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Size PB-05 & PB-07: 2.7 inches length x 1.4 inches height x .8 inches width
Connectors: XLR 3-pin (1 = gnd, 2 = plus, 3 = minus)
Case construction: Aircraft-aluminium, black galvanizedl
Distance Adjustable between 6 – 48 inches (depending of the type of reflection surface)
Angle + / – 10 degrees
Switching noise: Immeasurable
Frequency responses 0 Hz – 30kHz, – 3 dB at 150 Ohm
Signal noise ratio: -114 dB / -122 dB, Mic on / off, 150 Ohm Mic.
Distortion < 0,05 % with 100mV signal
Delaytime mic on: < 0,2 Sec
Delaytime mic off: ca. 1 Sec
Attenuation “mic on”: 0 dB
Attenuation “mic off”: -16 dB or -42 dB in connection with 150 Ohm mics, depending of the model
Usable types of microphones: All type of dynamic – and phantom powered mics up to 10 mA current consumption
Maximum input level: 3 dB (1,1V)
Operating temperature: 32 – 131 degrees Fahrenheit
Background light range: 0 – 20000 Lux daylight and 0 – 12000 Lux electric bulblight
Distance measurement: Active infrared reflection principle with 3 bit code
Power: 24-48 V Phantom power (passes phantom power to the microphone)
Current consumption: ca. 3.7 mA


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